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Raptor 700 Categories

Raptor 700 Modifications

Talk about Raptor 700 mods in here.
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  • 21.1M

Fuel Injection Tuning

This section is only for EFI tuning discussion including all fuel maps and tuner settings
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  • 2M

Raptor 700 Suspension

Discuss Raptor 700 suspension in here. Shocks, A-arms, Axles, etc.
19.2K 2.8M
  • 19.2K
  • 2.8M

Raptor 700 Maintenance

Keep that motor running.
26.7K 5.3M
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  • 5.3M

Raptor 700 Discussion

Anything that doesn't belong in the other 700 boards goes here.
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  • 21.8M

Archived Threads/Product Reviews/How-to

Helpful threads in the 700 section will be copied here and preserved forever. Before asking a question in the 700 forums, check here first!
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Raptor 660 Categories

General 660 Discussion

Talk about anything pertaining to Raptors that doesn't fit in the other forums in here. Stuff like riding advice, general questions, etc.
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  • 13.4M

Raptor 660 Modifications

Discussion of Yamaha Raptor modifications such as aftermarket exhaust, suspension, tires, jets, etc. should go in here.
78.1K 11.2M
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  • 11.2M

Raptor 660 Suspension

Raptor suspension-related stuff should go in here. We'd like to get a good list of suspension settings for people to try.
12.1K 2.2M
  • 12.1K
  • 2.2M

Raptor 660 Maintenance

Raptor oil changes, chain/sprocket maintenance, spark plugs, carb, etc. stuff should all go in here.
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  • 9.5M
Other Raptors

Raptor 350 Discussion

Everything related to the Raptor 350 should go in here.
30K 5.8M
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  • 5.8M

Raptor 250 Discussion

Anything related to the Raptor 250 should go in here.
12.8K 2.8M
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  • 2.8M

Raptor 125 Discussion

Anything related to the Raptor 125 should go in here.
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  • 923
  • 378K

Raptor 90, 80 and 50

Anything related to the lil' 90, 80 and 50 Raptors should go in here :)
3.8K 2.4M
  • 3.8K
  • 2.4M
Other ATVs/UTVs/Motorcycles/ETC

YFZ 450

Section dedicated to the YFZ 450. Discuss YFZ mods, maintenance, general, etc. in here.
5.9K 1.2M
  • 5.9K
  • 1.2M

Other Yamahas

Section dedicated to any Yamaha that isn't a Raptor or YFZ.
3.7K 1M
  • 3.7K
  • 1M

Other Toys

Other ATV's, sport bikes, pocketbikes, lawnmowers, or anything else.
10K 1.4M
  • 10K
  • 1.4M

Hybrids and Conversions

R1 Raptors, Bombusas, Weber RZRs, R1 Rhinos, 660/700 combos and the like.
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  • 593K


This is where important forum-related announcements will go.
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  • 271K

Raptor Forums News

Discuss the news from the Home Page
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  • 605K

Sponsors Only

Sponsors, please come have a look!
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  • 8.9K

Raptor Forum Site Issue Forum

Need help with something like posting photos, using the web site, or message board? Post your questions here and we will give the best help we can.
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New Member Introductions

New to Raptor Forums? Stop in and say hi!
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Buying and Selling

RaptorForum.com Authorized Dealers

For our Dealers to inform us of their inventory.
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  • 12.9K

Full ATVs For Sale

Post your Raptors or other ATVs for sale here. We are NOT responsible for any deals that go on in this forum -- Use it at your own risk! Need to ship your ATV?
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  • 12.4K

Parts For Sale

Post your extra parts for sale or trade here. We are NOT responsible for any deals that go on in this forum -- Use it at your own risk! Need to ship your ATV?
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  • 31.3K

Other Stuff For Sale

A virtual swap meet. This is where you can sell anything not related to ATV's.
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  • 2.5K

Parts/Bikes Wanted

If you need something that you think someone else might want to sell, post it in here.
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  • 487
  • 11.1K

Resolution Center

If you have a problem with a buyer/seller fulfilling their end of a deal, feel free to post up about it in here to bring the situation to the public eye. Please give the person a chance to resolve the issue before you post it in here. Raptorforum.com cannot and will not help resolve any payment/shipping disputes.
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Off-Topic Lounge

All off-topic, non Raptor related stuff goes in here. Loosely moderated.
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Riding Gear

Anything related to riding gear belongs in here. Helmets, goggles, boots, gloves, etc.
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  • 634K


Post media related to quads, motocross, outdoors, etc. in here. Do NOT post any NWS content.
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  • 1.8M

Off-Topic Media

Post any media NOT related to quads, motocross, outdoors, etc in here. Don't post any NWS content.
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  • 2.4M

Rider Locations / Meets

Want to find riders in your area? Want to organize a meet somewhere? This is the board for you!
36.9K 2.2M
  • 36.9K
  • 2.2M


The place to discuss all organized, outlaw, and grudge racing.
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  • 848K

Testing ground

Use this forum to test things
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