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Depends what they normally sell for in Ireland really. Here where I live it is 1500 USD to high.
I don't necessarily agree that it looks like it was ridden hard. It appears to be in pretty good shape to me. The graphics and poor job of recovering the seat make it look older or more worn than it is.
As far as your race question... I would say no, not likely. It does not look like a race setup to me.
It looks like a quad you would commonly see on this forum. Something that someone put some money into and was proud of it.
The aftermarket parts that are on it were selected well. They are high quality parts.
Looks like a keeper if you settle on a price!

Price Bargaining points for you:
--it has no lights
--rear tires are new or newish but are a poor choice for the bike....they will wear out before you can say Braaaaaaap!
--tell him the aftermarket stuff may be worth something to someone but you would prefer it if it was stock. (dealers can't argue that and he won't know you actually like it)
--tell him the graphics are ugly and he will think your not emotionally attached to it and might be willing to walk away. (the graphics are not that bad but if you don't like them they do come off)

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