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Re: coral pink and little sahara


I've never been to coral pink, but get a good map of utah and it will show you. If you come from the south, the easiest way to get to little sahara is to drive north on I-15 untill you get to Nephi, go west through town, and just keep goin west until you get up through the mountains about 10-12 miles or so, then there's a turn off to the right (maked with a sign) that will take you through a little canyon, then you just keep going straight to Jericho junciton. Keep on going north through Jericho junction, and you'll see the sign to hang a left into the state park. I can draw you a map if you like.

I'm going out with my wife and some buddies on Jan 1. If you showed up, I'm sure nobody would complain.

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