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Originally Posted by DEZPERADO View Post

Using the intake valve, the factory lists mm, (metric) followed by US inches in parentheses. Let's not use the inches, and use mm as a example.

The intake valve can be adjusted tight, loose, or somewhere in between. 0.09mm is tight, 0.13mm is loose. 0.10mm - 0.12mm is in between. For a beginner, lets adjust the valves to right in the middle of tight and loose, or 0.11mm. Find the guage that reads 0.11mm, don't worry about the other numbers on the guage, it won't be used.

Take the 0.11 guage, and slip between the intake valve and rocker. If it slides in and out with slight resistance, you're good. If it slides in real easy, or not at all adjustment may be necessary.
Thanks for the help and info really appreciate it. What's got me is none of the gauges have 0.09mm, 0.11mm or 0.13mm on them!
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