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Re: FLIPPED LINK My mods & pics of how to do this without things binding!

Originally Posted by raptorryan
I cant believe how many different results there are on this. It seems like half have problems while the other half doesn't. I wonder what the deal is?
Thats why I took the pics.
Seems simple enough once you've seen it done.
I have the same suspension travel as stock, nothing hits or binds, & the bike sits 2" lower & handles 100% better.

The trick is to turn the link over, don't try to turn it end for end, or anything else.
Sit your linkage on the floor, out of the bike complete with shock.
Compare to my pics.
Make it the same as my pics, job done. bolt back in so the same end of the shock bolts in the same place, the same ends of the link & dogbone bolt back in the same places.
It really is not too complicated

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CCP Steering Damper (I must post a thread on how to....)
450 Front Calipers
+2 Extended Swingarm
G-Force Axle & Hubs.
Axis Pro-Air Shocks
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