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Ok. New to the site. Have a 2013 raptor 90 for my son. It has been sitting over a year, after a starter issue and it was hesitating when you added throttle. I watched the videos and have removed the carburetor and cleaned everything. I am waiting for the #37 Pilot jet which should be here this week. Drained the fuel and now have diagnosed the starter problem and ordered it as well. It should also be in this week.

Here is the main issue. During disassembly of the carburetor I seem to have come up with an extra spring. In looking at diagrams, The needle with the rubber round black cover has a small spring under the plastic float piece. However, somehow I have come up with a spring about the size of spring that the old style writing pens have in them. WHERE DOES THIS GO A D WHERE DID IT COME FROM? At a loss here. I slipped it over the needle valve of the rubber piece but I don’t think that’s where it was or where it goes.

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