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Originally Posted by palvarez05 View Post
So I did an engine rebuild on 2013 Raptor 700R SE, out of all the things I purchased I had a new clutch set from Hinson which was installed on the engine when it was rebuild, my tuner is telling me my clutch is slipping, that i need a better clutch. What exactly can be causing it? As far as i know the only thing i can do is buy a lockout clutch, but with a bike at around 70HP, i shouldn't need it. Any help is appreciated.
I’m over 80hp without a lockout doing just fine.

The best grabbing clutch pack is 8 fibers (all the same size). Use stiffer springs. I’ve measured spring pressure at install height on several “hd” springs and they’re all pretty much same as stock. Cuervo Racing sells some that are truely much heavier than stock. Use oem Yamaha fibers from 04-05 yfz450.

Make sure no grooves in basket or hub.
Soak fibers in oil before install.
Ditch the small fiber and associated parts.

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