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Raptor won’t start

I’ve been working on this atv on and off for too long. There’s no fuel getting to the plug. Carb has been rebuilt, cleaned multiple times, clean air filter, valves checked, float level checked. Still no fuel. It’ll sit in the garage I’ll try to start it, choke in choke out, full throttle, no throttle, nothing. Then one day I’ll go out and it’ll fire right up, and you can ride if for hours no issue, until it runs out of gas or it shuts off, then it’s a crap shoot if it wants to start or not. It all started one day when we were out riding, shut it off and it wouldn’t start. We finished the rest of the day by pulling it behind another quad and just pop starting it, which wasn’t easy either. Is there anything I’m missing? The only thing I haven’t checked is the compression. Maybe the compression is too low and it’s not creating enough suction to pull the fuel in?? I’m at a loss. I usually can fix everything myself but it’s getting on my nerves. Also the carb is a pia to take off on that quad. Any ideas?
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