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Unhappy 01 updated transmission woes

I use to be part of a different Raptor forum, but it's been a bit since I was looking for advice for it and I can't even remember what it was called, so here I am.

I have my 01 that I bought new and have done countless mods to, one of which was the transmission update to the 02+ gear set. I have a lot of hours on this and have never had first gear When I say I don't have it, it engages, will move under low power, but will slip in and out at the slightest throttle. I mainly rode it on the dunes, so not having first wasn't such a big deal. Now my kids are riding and I decided to get it out and going again.

Is this a common thing when you upgrade an 01 case to a new trans gear set? All the rest work flawlessly, just first. What could be causing it? I have wondered this for years as I rode, maybe the shift drums are different and it's not engaging completely?
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