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Cws11499 05-05-2019 09:40 PM

Raptor 686 crank no start and getting spark and fuel
I have a 01 660 supposedly bored to a “686” so it ran when I bought it but it needed a solenoid, put a new oem one on from Yamaha and it ran. I took it out today and it started to stahl when I let off the gas. Keep in mind it idled and ran before great but all of the sudden it started to stahl when I was off the gas and now it won’t start at all but cranks and fires out the exhaust once or twice if o hit it with ether. Has good spark and is getting plenty of fuel. Ran out of ideas on where to go next, possibly timing? Stator or cdi maybe voltage regulator? Battery is new and works in another 4 wheeler so it’s fine. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks

Scotscockney 05-08-2019 05:00 AM

Check your valve gaps,they are very important as they can tighten over time.Does it have standard camshaft or other?for example my stage 1 cams run larger valve gaps than standard at .20 inlet and .25 exhaust but stock are .15 inlet and .20 exhaust :wink good luck:grin

QuadManiac 05-09-2019 12:26 AM

Welcome to the forum!

Check intake valve clearance... if it's not way too tight we'll go from there. Let s know.

QuadManiac 05-10-2019 05:28 PM

You have PMd me with more questions. I don't troubleshoot via PM because only you get the benefit from that - the whole idea behind the forum is that everyone gains from every question/answer session. Repeat your questions here and they will get answered.

Valve clearance may or may not be your problem, but it is easy to check and is one possible cause - although the typical 660 clearance problem leads to a cold no-start, not quite your issue.

You claim to have fuel and spark. The only thing missing then is compression (or incorrect cam timing causing compression loss). If you prefer to not check your valves then check compression instead.

The other common failure with 660s is dirty carbs, especially pilot jets and the passages from pilot jet through fuel screw to the carb throat... meticulous carb cleaning is a pain but often necessary.

But keep in mind - if you ARE getting continuous, good spark and you ARE getting proper fuel then it SHOULD run... not necessarily well, but at least try to run and stay running. You've gone from riding to dying when letting off throttle to to not even starting... that makes me very carb suspicious.

Also read the sticky - MOST COMMON 660 PROBLEMS EXPLAINED and see if any of these match up.

What was the symptom that caused you to replace the solenoid? Also, did it EVER really run well for you or did you buy it with these issues for the most part?

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