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4stroker4life 10-17-2017 10:12 AM

Little Sahara
So me and a friend want to take a trip to little sahara in oklahoma soon. Never been before, was wondering if there was any upcoming events or anything? or we just go anytime? Tips or advice for a first timer? You dont have to have a title or anything silly like that do ya? I know we need flags, anything else?

Also, i have never rode on sand before. How much do i really need sand tires on the front?

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lms1977 10-17-2017 05:25 PM

I was there in 2013 awesome place.
You need flags thatís about it

You donít need the front tires

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xcaddict 10-17-2017 06:43 PM

I go once or twice a year. No title needed. Front sand tires aren't needed - I usually don't even use them on the rear.

You are supposed to get a wrist band each day from the park office. It is $10 per day.

Fun place. We usually go during the week so there isn't as much traffic. Even weekends aren't bad though, just stay alert.

Cammy 10-18-2017 04:36 PM

No events coming up at all. No title no problem, main thing is if you have under 18 yr old they need a helmet, flag that is 10ft tall (if I remember correctly) off your bike. It will be tough getting around on stock tires if the sand is dry and usually don't need front sand tires at all, unless you go quite often. Keep your head on a swivel everywhere especially trails, the SXS don't care about you because they have a cage. Best practice is to ride in groups or pairs. Go up the dunes slow just because of the unknown on the other side.

4stroker4life 10-18-2017 07:55 PM

Thanks for the respose guys, im super excited! I have some sand geckos for the rear, just need to get them mounted and get a flag and i guess im good to go! We are thinking probly the first week of november, so if anyone wants to join us, the more the better. On a side note, is there a dyno close to there? There is definitely not one close to home and it would be a great opportunity to get it done if there was one nearby...

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Cammy 10-19-2017 04:33 PM

There is one on your way. Sand toys in Tulsa, they do a good job for a reasonable price. Like 90/hr on the dyno, took him only about a hour to tune mine.

4stroker4life 10-19-2017 05:31 PM

I think thats where my friend had his kfx450 done and he really liked them. I will be with a group and dont want to hold them up too much, but if i drive they wont have a choice[emoji16] i found one online in wanoka oklahoma called "little sahara power sports" i havnt tried to contact them yet but if its right there nearby that would be ideal for me. Anyone heard of or used them for dyno tuning?

Also, i dug out the sand tires. They are not geckos, they are kenda "the trakker" 8 paddles. Any good? I want to be able to get around well, even if it means i need to get something different

Cammy 10-19-2017 05:58 PM

They should get you around fairly well. Won't win many races with them, but they will work. Take your dirt tires just in case. They sold their dyno a year or two back, Mike was a great tuner but they said insurance was getting out of hand for it. There are only two that I can recall in Oklahoma and Tulsa's is by far the cheaper of the two.

morphrider 10-19-2017 08:33 PM

Heck of a lot cheaper than what I paid at Vickery in Denver. That set me back $350.

mattzila 10-20-2017 12:38 AM

4Stroker, We've made the trip from St. Louis 5 or 6 times in the last 4 years. All the advice given is spot on. There's Stewarts Power Sports in Waynoka. I have nothing but good things to say about those guys. The Lil sahara website will tell you what flag height has to be, its gotta hit a goalpost type thing on your way in. I think its a 8 ft flag which will be 10 or more of the ground (like Cammy said). You can get em at Stewarts cheaper than in STL.
One of our trips was in NOV. the weather was good but the sand was pretty rough. If you can get there on a thurs. or as early as possible on friday before it gets to beat up. I'll P.M. ya my # tomorrow when I'm home. I can fill you in on such things as...finding your way back in the dark when you're lost as F#$ck, exactly how much of a "head on a swivel you need (alot), and the local wildlife you may OR may not come across such as porcupines and rattlesnakes, and the liquor laws (they aint like ours). You're gonna love it man.

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