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Piston, cam, and porting?

Can I get a quote for a trail port? I am building a 660 based 720. I am going to run either an x4 cam or my stage 2. I will also need a cp piston to match it in order to make the most of the compression ratio (tbd by cam though).


BTW- I'll be running a trinity intake and 39mm fcr's

2007 700-
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2001 Raptor-
100.5mm 11:1 Wiseco piston, balanced crank, trail ported head, Ferrea valves, stage 2 HC, Barker duals, UNI pod filters + more

2007 pitbike-
150cc Lifan engine, 26mm Mikuni carb, 32mm custom stainless steel exhaust, 12" motard tires, working on LED

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