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I like the idea of the Thor Impact being able to use an EVS neckbrace as the EVS is the most affordable neck brace. I've been looking for MONTHS for a full body suit and looked at everything from the rock gaurden to 661, fox, thor, pretty much everything. all have positives AND negatives I actually hour or so ago came to the conclusion I wanted a nitro circus chest protector since I could run it with a neck protector, but don't like the lack of spine protector (as I jacked my back in like march) and now came across this after even selling my raptor a couple months ago but like it here since it's one of the most helpful forums I'm a member of and get to see this thor piece that looks like it can be worn as under armor and use a neck protector

can I wear it UNDER my jersey and still use a EVS neck protector Fl. woods?

I am down to that as one of my final choices I DEFINITELY want a spine protector AND neck brace if possible.. and price is one of the main factors

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