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Conversation Between carpenter and Blue Lighting
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  1. Blue Lighting
    09-03-2011 03:17 AM - permalink
    Blue Lighting
    Oh I got ya now I will let you know what I think Thanks man!
  2. carpenter
    09-03-2011 02:28 AM - permalink
    Well the intake is pretty much a drop in mod but the airbox has to be cut to hell lol Only time you have to do the TPS adjustments is when you change Throttlebodys which I did... You wont have to make those adjustments unless you alter your idle or change throttlebody's
  3. Blue Lighting
    09-03-2011 02:24 AM - permalink
    Blue Lighting
    I damn I better look into that. I thought this was just a drop in intake lol
  4. carpenter
    09-03-2011 02:06 AM - permalink
    I dunno yet! I put it all together but havent had a chance to ride it yet. It was a pain in the ass calibrating the new TB and especially the idle and tps though. There is a good write up on how to do it over on modded raptor by dl700 though!
  5. Blue Lighting
    09-02-2011 01:03 PM - permalink
    Blue Lighting
    Hey how you like the intake I got one to but haven't put it on yet... Is it worth it?
  6. Blue Lighting
    07-04-2011 12:00 PM - permalink
    Blue Lighting
    Yeah man I would love to come out there an go riding with you someday (Probably 3 years from now or so) I got some people that want to hook up with me and go...
    It looks like a blast!
  7. carpenter
    07-04-2011 11:03 AM - permalink
    LMAO!! No I gave up trying to pitch those a while back. I mean yeah they are better but the amount of convincing I have to do for the little to no profit margin is ridiculous LOL.
    It was a pretty good rally last yr. for sure. Those florence pics I posted were the day after that video about 20 miles north along the coast. These dunes are about 0+ miles long along the coast line. And anywhere from 5-10 miles wide. Pretty fun for sure
  8. Blue Lighting
    07-04-2011 04:46 AM - permalink
    Blue Lighting
    NOO I didn't picture you to be creepy It's creepy that you looked like I pictured you hahaha... Yeah man you look like you were trying to sell an amsoil filter to that dude beside you ... Yeah bro no burning down the house this time
  9. carpenter
    07-03-2011 11:38 PM - permalink
    Creeepy LOL Nah I aint creepy I'm a pretty fun guy to party with. In fact I'm having a big bonfire tommorow for the 4th. Hopefully my house doesn't burn down again LOL
  10. Blue Lighting
    07-03-2011 10:52 PM - permalink
    Blue Lighting
    lol thanks you look just like a pictured you (Which is creeeeepy)
    But yeah I have pictures of your bike on my computer
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