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  • Glockative ·
    hey man im the guy with the raptor 660 with the coolant boil over. i replaced my thermo switch and my fan works. what else can i do? relay or something maybe or is it my best bet to just run it to a toggle switch. ( wouldnt like to but if have to then owell ) i dont wanna blow my heads.
    wurkinman76 ·
    Hello Sir
    I could use your help with my 03 raptor and what seems like rev limiter kicking in. I've cut and taped the green/yellow wire at cdi. I've grounded the green/white wire from reverse switch. it starts and idles great, takes throttle in neutral and first gear, but when you put it in second gear or above and give it throttle it feels like the rev limiter kicking in. I was told the guy had just replaced the stator also. any chance pickup coil is doing something funny?

    thanks for any help you can provide.

    Chris2049 ·
    Is it normal that my reverse rev limiter down by my shifter not hooked up ? An about a week ago i hooked it up an my motor was reving by its self that cant be normal
    Its_Chaynes ·
    Hey, im new here to the fourms and i saw you have a great reputation on the site. Im currently having trouble with my 01 660 raptor's wiring. If you have an 01' quad, could you help me figure out where a few wires go? itd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    Anthony Loera ·
    Hey man thanks for the info for the 660. But to add to my confusion actually the bike runs more shitty than I posted. Just sitting at idle it has a nasty bog and pop through out the whole rpm range. I didn't notice that. I honestly feel that something such as the reverse limiter or something stupid is holding the bike back. Turning both fuel screws in 1 turns out or 4 turns out seems to have no effect. Any ideas? And should I leave the two holes in the air lid open and reject to that? Gonna be ridden at Glamis and AZ only.
    4stroker4life ·
    Let me start by saying THANK YOU for all the usefull 660 raptor tips i have gotten from you reading the forum as a guest over the years. You may not know me, but you have fixed my 04' 660 raptor many, many times!! anyway, since you seem to be the master of all things 660, i was hoping i could pick your brain for a minute. my machine has developed an off-idle bog. meaning if its idling, and i stab the throttle, it will almost die. i can roll on the throttle slow and it absolutely rips just like it always has, pointing the front wheels to the sky! but i cant seem to get rid of the low rpm bog. just past the low rpm bog point, i can punch throttle hard as i want and no problem.
    im so confused because it has ran AWESOME for 2 years now since i rebuilt in in 2015, so im sure my jetting and fuel air screws are good, but i am lost on this. any input would be awesome. thank you for your time.
    Mudslinger71 ·
    Quad i have a question for you. I have an 02 660 raptor quad. I have no green/white wire on my reverse sensor near outout sprocket. What i do have is where the green white wire along with light blue wire comes out from connecter under side covering on left hand side of guad, the green white wire is hooked directly to negative terminal and light blue wire is connected to a bolt on frame for another ground. My question is why do they have the green white wire unhooked from sensor and instead hooked to neg terminal on battery and also is the light blue wire supposed to be grounded to frame like that or is it supposed to be connected elsewhere? I unhooked the green/ white wire from negative terminal and the guad started sputtering and backfiring until i reconnected.
    PolicyPeddler ·
    THUMPER 01 ·
    Hello Quad Maniac
    It's Ben a while since I have Ben on site. Missed you all. Life carried me away. Hope to get back in the grove and add something to the site. Happy Holidays to all. Yours, THUMPER 01
    Jordan Montanaro ·
    hello I have a question. I've got a 02 660 I was riding and just randomly reverse light started consistently flashing. When I hit the gas hard, it bogs down and sputters. Need help!! Please
    redeemedone ·
    I see you know your stuff man was wondering if you maybe would have some input on my situation. Could use it. It's the thread in 660 maintenance about needing help with my 660 clutch shaft and head. Thanks
    egghed80 ·
    Hey I have a question about an old topic, 06 rap 700 fan issue. i wanted to hardwire it and i did with a switch before the relay i will make sure but i believe i did it how you said from the yellow red wire to the ground before the relay that way you control the relay and make it come on all the time or the computer will tell it to come on like normal when you dont need it on all the time. my issue that i am having, is that it is coming on for one cycle and cools down to about 196 then the fan starts pulsing and wont cycle again. any help would be greatly appraicated. I had a race over the weekend and i was fighting for first. it started pulsing and my quad overheated and got up to 235 i will find out today if i blow another headgasket trying to push the limit. I checked the oil still looked good. but no coolant in the resovior bad bad sign wish me luck.
    Seymour700 ·
    hey man my raptor 660 is backfiring and sputtering badly and i did the reverse rev limiter mod to it and it didnt help it soo please help me cause i dont want to bring it to a dealership i can afford it thanks
    Blakeh31095 ·
    I saw a forum describing my problem... And you seem like you know what you're talking about.

    When I hit the starter button temp light flashes on and it won't turn over. I do here a clicking sound coming from the solenoid. (Lights work, neutral light works, run/kill switch obviously is working) I'm lost. I don't know where to even begin. I bought this raptor as a basket case for cheap and need electrical help!
    YGZ_SkitZo ·
    you seem to be the go to guy for jetting. I'm a new member but I've followed you and WK for awhile. I have a 05 660, big bore 10.5:1 686, k&n dual with no lid, fmf header, dg slip on, stage 1 HotCam. its been jetted just not sure of the sizes. it only breaks up once in a blue moon and never full throttle only 50-60% throttle, and it will shoot a flame out the pipe every once in a while when running 50/50 110/93 octane fuel. elevation is 138ft above sea
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