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  • javierturbo2 ·
    hi..i just drop a turbo kit on my 700.I have a few questions and the first one is what do you do with the vacuum lines on the trodle body? Did you leave them on the same spot? Im running two injectors.(dynatek FI) How many psi (fuel)do you think i need? Thanks...
    Yamahama_Guy ·
    Oh hahahaha nawh that's cool! I just needed one cheeper than $$$ and no one seems to sell them :eek:. I guess that's a good thing, tells me they are nice little computers :)
    Spider-Lōc ·
    That's what's up. If you decide to let those go I'd gladly take them off your hands so I can race on street better than the mudlites. Wish you was able to keep her. Have a safe deployment bruh.
    Blue Lighting ·
    Yeah lol I do road riding WIDE trails and narrow trails...
    It's hard to setup a bike for almost anything lol... I am avg about 40 miles an hour on my loops.
    Blue Lighting ·
    Hmm good idea man.... I hope you don't roll over again lol but I keep saying every time will be my last... I think your right on the grab bar.. Altho it looks balky :eek:
    lol it's always something...
    Blue Lighting ·
    Hey man my plastics look like crap :( If I cut em like yours on the back what do you think will happen to the barkers if I tip it or roll it?
    Blue Lighting ·
    Well that sounds very promising... I think I will order some soon! I also see walmrt has some ones that look just like those for 20 bucks and they are super bright. Probably junk tho.. Hard telling, I got my fenders pretty close last night! I was up til 4 :lol: I think I might have to do some more trimming...
    Stuckey ·
    Sorry 686cc! I totally forgot you had written me on here. My bad dude. My brother is coming down to visit on the 19th, but I do plan on being there on the 17th and 18th with some of the guys I work with. Should be a good time!
    686cc ·
    got the rappy back today from dfr and i got 47.07hp 39.22tq not too shabby. i picked up 5hp in the overrev alone im diggin it:D
    686cc ·
    whats up stuckey you down to go to the dunes around the 15th? it will be a day trip only let me know c ya
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