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  • yamaha raptor ·
    Hello, was wondering if i could please get the oil mod info, as well how much for a 3 plug head and what igntion coils do use with that set up? Thanks
    Kenneth Spalding ·
    Willy killer. I'm narrowing in on my 660 raptor problem. In my pilot jets I'm running 22.5s left and right as seated on atv. My choke adjust jet is a 95 and my left maine is a 140 the right main is a 145. Dies that seem right to you for a stock raptor 660 2003 model. My symptom is bike will idle but rpms have a hard time recovering from any throttle. It is also noggin out upon 1/8 or 1/4 throttle. Any idea what could be plaguing me. ? Any help would be much appreciated. Kenny
    daytonz101 ·
    Hows it going Willy? Can you please tell me the bolt sizes 3/8 for the head on my bigbore 660 to use. Do the (2) under the bottom of the head need to be grade 8 also? And last thing, to you just rethread hole or heli coil hole, thanks man
    Boum686 ·
    Hi how are you . how much $ to make my head 3 pluger . and no porting . also i already have a dyna fs i can send fot the proper timing curve
    thanks .

    Ps : i live in New Brunswick you can give me the price in canadian $
    Desmond Smith ·
    hey man sorry to bug you but i have a 2003 raptor 660. with a cp 686cc 11:1 piston and a stage 3 cam with springs as well. i would like to put a few more add ons like a stage 3 cdi and stage 2 jets in the stock carbs. and for exhaust i know a guy that could make me tuned headers so i can put on a duel exhaust but from there would it be better or worse for the quad if i didn't put mufflers on and just went straight on the head with 2 pipes for straight duel exhaust. if i could get your feed back and any opinions on what i could do that would be great!
    jessman660 ·
    Right.. I'm gonna run a yoshi and I think wat I'm gonna do is run with the back half of the air box lid cut off along with my uni foam filter. Where do u think I should start with my jetting? And brands..

    Thanks for the reply
    jessman660 ·
    Hey willy it is brought to my attention that u know wat the hell Ur talking about lol I'm starting to build my rappy gonna put a yoshi rs3 full on it. What size jets should I try and what brand? How do u feel about an open air box? My elevation is about 1500ft do u know where my a/f screws should b?

    Thanks buddy
    shuman26 ·
    ok when i remove the valve cover is there anything that would fall out when i remove it i mean like the rocker arms or would they stay in cover thanks again
    shuman26 ·
    hey man i was wondering what how hard it is to change the cam chain on my 660 im pretty good on cars jus need to knw what steps to remove cover and all thanks
    Jeremy_Loudin ·
    Hey willy...saw you know your stuff on these carbs. Just wondering do you have a diagram pointing this oring between the needle seat and carb body? Thanks man
    d.jbtown85 ·
    Hey willy thanks for the add. I'm new to all this I just picked up a 660 very great condition. But having a problem when I give it full throttle when I'm riding it stumbles. I kno it could probably multiple things. Just wanted to get your opinion. Thanks
    inVINSONable1 ·
    Dang Willy, I didn't realize you were so popular.....lol I hope you own a shop or something because it would be a shame for you to not get paid to be this slick on Raptors. Anyway I wanted to thank you once again Willy. It ended up being user error and just trying to do too much at one time. It feels great with the stock needles but I can only imagine how much better the Alba needles will be when they get here. Hopefully I wont go back into another big mess with the needles for your sake...haha Thanks Willy.
    venombit ·
    Hey willykiller could you please send me the oil modification? I'm getting ready to build a 719 motor and wouls like to do the modification why I have the motor apart.
    Time is running out with one day left and this has really been fun. Since I am on your friend's list, I would really appreciate your vote for the FCI intake System. Voting can be found on the Raptor Forum posts.

    THANKS, Larry
    bandit87 ·
    Hey Willy do you think I need to replace the clutch because my quad stops pulling when the wheels are on the ground
    01rappyrider ·
    Im installing a je 12.5: 1 piston. I normally run 93 octane. Im just wondering if this is enough or if I should jump up to 100+ octane.
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