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Raptor 350
White / Red / Black
Lets just start with that the past, is hidden...

I found this Raptor on Craigslist and picked it up for a good deal.
The rear axle bearing was basically gone. The chain was looser than mother goose. It was missing bolts and nuts all over, the shifter was a stiff and bent, parking brake was disconnected. The body however was almost perfect.
The guy didn't remember anything about its past.

When I got it home I started checking everything out a bit more deeply. The shifter broke off during my little inspection... I started taking everything apart, and gave everything a good clean and wash, it already looked better. Except for after having the plastic off, I noticed that the front of the frame was bent.. The biggest struggle was the bearing, about a week of waiting I got the parts I needed and installed the bearing with a buddy, along with an after market shifter.
Everything was put back together with new bolts / nuts / etc....and I added in some vinyls to give it my style..
Then fun times!

Took it out to a all terrain park twice with some friends and did some hard all day trail riding a few times. After that it sat, for a few months..
For some reason I expected it to start right up and I could go ride it again.. The battery was dead.. So, charged that up, to find out the battery went bad.. Went out and picked up a new one, got it fired up, and then it shit off, and that was it..
The carburetor was the problem here..
So after a few weeks more I got a new one and had trouble with all that, ended up needing a new throttle cable.. Ordered that and installed that another few weeks later.. Tightened up some very dangerously loose battery connections and adjusted the idle and throttle... Started right up and runs beautiful.. Oil change is next, who knows when that was last done..
2005 Yamaha Raptor 350 (White / Red / Black)



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