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backfire sputtering

  1. Raptor 660 won't idle and backfires

    Raptor 660 Maintenance
    My raptor won't idle unless it's a high idle. At regular idle it'll backfire through the exhaust and carburetor and shut off and I'm pretty sure I saw flames come out the exhaust when I was revving it to keep it running. I've cleaned the carbs but I do need a new air filter (currently using...
  2. Need help with my 04 Raptor 660

    General 660 Discussion
    so i can ride and stuff for about an hour but then it starts to bog and sputter and backfire. does anyone know how to clear it up. i cleaned the carb and changed the spark plug but it still does it. does have a hmf pipe if that has to do anything with it
  3. 2005 raptor 660 sputtering and backfiring at 1/4 throttle

    Raptor 660 Maintenance
    Hey guys new to the forum, i apologize in advance for punctuation. The raptor was taken to different shops and was taken apart when i got the raptor it wouldnt turn on the harness was cracked and broken so was the ignition it was missing an oil line and motor mount. I ordered the parta and got...