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  1. Idles high when i turn off choke.

    General 660 Discussion
    Hey guys, got the carb back on, started it with choke and was excited cause it sounded perfect! Let it run for a little then turned off choke and it starts idling super high. What can be causing this? Thanks
  2. Fuel/air screw snapped, bore is bigger?

    General 660 Discussion
    I bought an 01 raptor 660, had carb issues. Previous owner attempted to work on it, set the air/fuel way to deep. I went to back it out and the needle snapped off and was stuck in the carb. I messed with it for hours till I finally got it out. Problem is the hole is noticeably bigger then the...
  3. Jetting help

    Raptor 660 Modifications
    I'm redoing a carb on a 01 raptor 660 I bought. It has a full yoshimira exhast set up. Airbox lid is on but it has a flap cut out and k&n filter. The carb has bin torn apart alot and the jets are banged up and i just wanna replace it all. I can see that the pilot jets are #25 and I believe...
  4. Air/fuel mixture screw tip stuck in carb.

    General 660 Discussion
    Alright guys, this is my first time really wrenching on a bike so please answer with some detail. I bought an 01 raptor 660 a month or so ago, I saw it, loved it and needed it. But man its bin nothing but a headache ever since. The bike needed some love, the previous owner didn't take care of it...