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  1. Multiple Clicking noise, starter is trying to fire up but won't start the engine

    Raptor 350 Discussion
    Hi, so i have a problem with my Yamaha raptor 350 2006. Firstly, it was like this - (you can hear the starter for a second), then it was dead and I only heard multiple clicking sound from the solenoid. I thought it was a battery, so i tried to fire it up from my car's. Nothing changed. (). I...
  2. Raptor 660 Popping and falling on face after minimal revs - did reverse and PB bypass and had carb rebuilt and tuned - at a loss

    General 660 Discussion
    I bought a Raptor 660 a few weeks ago Yamaha Racing I did these things to clean it up: Oil Change/Filter Change K&N filter clean and oil Spark Plug Change Coolant flush and change When filled with fuel, the carbs would dump so I sent to a mechanic who rebuilt the carbs He started it and it...