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electrical issue

  1. 2002 raptor 660 will not crank from starter button

    General 660 Discussion
    I have a 2002 raptor that I just took the wiring harness off of to fix some burnt up ground wires. put everything back together and now I am not able to crank the quad from the starter button on the handle bar. no clicking from the solenoid. I am able to jump the solenoid and get the quad to...
  2. 2003 Yamaha big bear 400 blowing fuses

    Other Yamahas
    I have a Yamaha big bear with a whole new top end, starter, starter solenoid, battery everything while riding it shut off and threw me forward I look at the solenoid and it blew threw a fuse I put in another one and a little more down the road it did it again I replaced the solenoid again and...
  3. Starting issue

    Raptor 125 Discussion
    Hi all, I’ve unburied my 2013 125 for the first time in a few years from the garage and of course it didn’t start. I just put a new battery in, changed the oil, new spark plug with dielectric grease, and the starter wouldn’t try to spin. I put a new starter in as well and I’ll get a click at...