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  1. Engine Rebuild Needed. Crank shaft up. Tips needed

    Raptor 700 Discussion
    So I got word that I’ll need a rebuild from the crankshaft up. The engine hasn’t been taken apart, but that’s what two different yamaha dealers agreed on, and I definitely trust one. I cant spend $3k on just an engine. Are there any good kits I can use for a complete rebuild? Are there any...
  2. YZ125 engine in Raptor 250

    Raptor 250 Discussion
    Has anyone installed a YZ125 engine in a Raptor 250? If so, any major problems? The two issues I see are 1) mounting the rear of the engine into the swingarm pivot bolt. 2) exhaust fitment/frame clearance. I think both can be solved with some basic cutting and welding.