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  1. Exhaust Question

    Raptor 700 Modifications
    Can anyone tell me if it's fine to put a 450 dirtbike exhaust on my raptor 700, cause I have many friends that did it and their bike seem to run pretty well with those exhausts. Thanks
  2. Tuning for exhaust and intake

    Fuel Injection Tuning
    I have been looking to get the hang performance exhaust along with a new intake(don’t know what brand yet) and I was going to get the hmf gen 3/3.5 optimizer. I having trouble finding out what settings I should tune my raptor 700 to for the exhaust and intake. Hmf only shows settings for if you...
  3. Exhaust studs

    General 660 Discussion
    Where can I find steel exhaust studs for a 660? I can find OEM but I want stinger ones. I heard APR makes some but I can't seem to find them. Thank you.
  4. GYTR exhaust powerband

    Raptor 700 Modifications
    So ive had my eye on this raptor 700 with a gytr exhaust for a bit now and im all about mid range and high end power so id like to know where the powerband lies on this thing before considering buying it thank you!
  5. Exhaust suggestions

    Raptor 700 Modifications
    Hey guys, I just finished changing my a arms and shocks on my '06 700, and now I want to change the exhaust. I've been looking around and I like the yoshimura, the big gun evo r, and the Barker. Are there any others that are good, I'm looking for a low growling sound that will still stay under...