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  1. Fuel Map Requests
    What ever map the previous owner put on this Power Commander V is too rich. Right now it is burning some oil, i think rings, but I also noticed sometimes is burns a little black. I put a new spark plug in it, and within 10 minutes of riding, I took it out and looked at it, it was all black. So...
  2. Fuel Injection Tuning
    I have been looking to get the hang performance exhaust along with a new intake(don’t know what brand yet) and I was going to get the hmf gen 3/3.5 optimizer. I having trouble finding out what settings I should tune my raptor 700 to for the exhaust and intake. Hmf only shows settings for if you...
  3. Raptor 350 Discussion
    hi I was wondering If someone could give me advise. need to know carb settings for my 2007 raptor 350 se. Only mods are hmf slip-on spark arrestor (removed) and a uni air filter that uses the original air filter cage that came with the quad(with air box lid on). I live in pittsburgh so that...
1-3 of 3 Results