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  1. Raptor 660 Modifications
    Hello Guys and Gals of RaptorForum, Got my bike back together after a carb clean and jetting, something must not be right. Starts every time with a press of a button, but has a super high idle to the point where I have to cut the engine after a few seconds. The weird thing is when I pulled it...
  2. Raptor 660 Modifications
    I have a 2001 raptor 660 with 686 kit daul monster pipes fcr35 carbs no air box stage 2 hot cam I really need jetting help badly idles fine under load it breaks up like it’s starving
  3. Raptor 90, 80 and 50
    Swapped to a PWK 21 Carb…. i need a little help, I kinda dug myself a hole. It’s a 2007 Raptor 80cc New -Top End & Jug -Ported Intake tube, (from 19mm to 23mm) -Ported and Polished exhaust side -New valves, (reseated) -PWK 21mm carb, ( stock is 17mm) -Gutted Exhaust -POD air filter the bike...
  4. Raptor 660 Modifications
    I have a stock 03 raptor and looking to upgrade the performance. I never knew about jetting until I read it here on this site a few days ago. My question is do I jet it or add mods first? Seems like riders are recommending the dynojet stage 2. The mods I am looking to get is a K&N filter with no...
  5. Raptor 350 Discussion
    I have an 08 350 with a pro circuit t4 exhaust and a k&n air filter. I know I need to rejet but don’t know what size. I am about 500 ft on elevation and about 2 and 1/2 turns out on the fuel screw. I also installed a brand new carb and the jets do not have any numbers on them please help.
  6. Raptor 350 Discussion
    I need to know carb settings for my 2007 raptor 350 se. Only mods are hmf slip-on spark arrestor (removed) and a uni air filter that uses the original air filter cage that came with the quad(with air box lid on). I live in pittsburgh so that makes me 1370 feet above sea level and if jetting is...
  7. Raptor 660 Maintenance
    Hey guys new to the forum, i apologize in advance for punctuation. The raptor was taken to different shops and was taken apart when i got the raptor it wouldnt turn on the harness was cracked and broken so was the ignition it was missing an oil line and motor mount. I ordered the parta and got...
1-7 of 7 Results