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  1. Fuel Map Requests
    Hello, An odd request I guess. I need a map that's restricting power on my raptor. Going for an inspection since it's road legal and it has to much power to go through. I have PCV. The rest is bone stock (for the inspection) Can anyone please help me? My email is [email protected]
  2. Fuel Map Requests
    Hello guys, as some of you already know, Im rebuilding my engine, since the rod broke and it took out both crankcases, piston, and cylinder. So, the bike is 2015 model and it will be rebuild this way: Empire Full Exhaust Single FCI with Box PCV with ignition and timming and AUTOTUNE HotCam Stage...
  3. Fuel Map Requests
    2020 raptor 700 last night i installed the full barkers single exhaust, FCI intake with airbox, PCV. im struggling to find a map for this... ive seen multiple people say find one similar and blah blah blah but im new to the sport atv game. havent ridden in over 10 years or so. if anyone has any...
1-3 of 3 Results