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  1. Raptor 660 Maintenance
    Hey everyone! Fairly new to the Raptor world and havent quite found anyone with the same issue that I have. I have a 2003 raptor 660. I replaced the clutch and springs with Tusk Competition parts. I did not use the Jutter spring per instruction. When the bike is off it will go into neural with...
  2. Raptor 350 Discussion
    Hi everyone, I recently bought a Yamaha YFM Raptor 350R “2006” I did it up, as in removed all its plastics painted them cleaned it up no mechanical work needed just some love and care. When I was installing the light for the R and N indicator light I turned them on so see which one went where...
  3. Raptor 700 Maintenance
    I took a video of it. Could never find a good answer.
1-3 of 3 Results