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  1. Raptor 700 Modifications
    I have an 07 raptor 700 with a big bore kit, stage 2 cam, dual exhuast, and tuner. The past couple rides ive been losing coolant out of the overflow, but it doesnt blow the rad cap. I drained the coolant today and it has oil in it. So I drained the oil and its clean. The odd thing is that the...
  2. Raptor 660 Maintenance
    I have a 2001 686 big bored raptor that I just recently purchased. The guy before me did his maintenance and the ride is clean. I’ve put about 15 hours on it and changed the oil twice. Both times when I initially removed the reservoir drain bolt, I had grey on my hand but what came out of the...
  3. Raptor 700 Discussion
    Hey guys, so recently I had an engine rebuild and finally got the engine to turn over but then oil mixed w my coolant. I took the water pump back to the dealer. He installed the new mechanical seal and add an oil seal he said I was missing. I have an 07. Im thinking maybe the “oil seal” that was...
1-3 of 3 Results