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  1. Fuel Map Requests
    What ever map the previous owner put on this Power Commander V is too rich. Right now it is burning some oil, i think rings, but I also noticed sometimes is burns a little black. I put a new spark plug in it, and within 10 minutes of riding, I took it out and looked at it, it was all black. So...
  2. Raptor 700 Maintenance
    Was riding 3/4 gear at higher rpm when I noticed the engine start to loose power, started to sputter until it finally seemed to be starved of gas. So I came to a stop put in neutral turned key off, turned back on and the fuel pump didn’t turn on like normal. It would crank over just wouldn’t...
  3. Fuel Injection Tuning
    I currently have the GYTR intake system, and GYTR FMF slip-on exhaust installed in my machine. I plan on buying the compatible header pipe and PC5 to complete the set up. Ilooked on the tunes already available on Dynojet website but I can’t seem to find any with my exact set up. Does anyone...
  4. Fuel Map Requests
    Hello I have been looking around on this forum for the answer to my question but I have been struggling to find the information I'm looking for. I am new to the PC5 and mapping. I would like a map for a stock set up on a 2020 Raptor 700r se with the air box lid off. I see on dynojet.com that...
  5. Fuel Injection Tuning
    Looking for a map with similar or the same mods for 2011 raptor 700r. Pc5 fuel and ignition Monster duals Monster flow intake 11:1 weisco piston Cam stage 2
  6. Fuel Injection Tuning
    Hey everyone, I am new to having an account on this forum, but I have been cruising around reading all of the information for a couple months now. Awesome site with some cool guys on it. I have a 2014 Raptor 700 with an FMF slip on. I recently purchased a FCI...
1-6 of 6 Results