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  1. Raptor 660 Modifications
    im wondering about these mods for my 660, a couple of my questions are how much more power would it have and if there worth the price. so heres a list of potential mods for my 660 HOTCAMS Camshaft - Stage 2 - 229.99 HOTCAMS Valve Spring Kit - 240.99 HOTCAMS Cam Chain - 37.99 Wiseco Performance...
  2. Raptor 660 Maintenance
    Hi guys so judging from how many woodruff keys I broke I came to the conclusion that the guy I had bought this quad from has changed the nut that holds the flywheel which is why it always came loose and shredded the keys anyways before this I shredded a key and honestly got frustrated as I was...
  3. Raptor 660 Maintenance
    Just recently picked up a 2005 raptor 660 and I’ve never owned a bike with electric start and it’s not cranking. clicks by the starter relay but no turning over. All the lights and everything come on what should I try
  4. Raptor 700 Maintenance
    Hey guys,I’m new to the forum I recently purchased a 2005 raptor 660 and I’m having a wiring problem the relay starter was clicking so I replaced it the bike starts but when the bike is in reverse the reverse light doesn’t come on there’s a red wire that’s bare and not connected to anything...
  5. General 660 Discussion
    Has anyone done a wrap on there plastics I'm going to attempt it but I don't want to short my self on wrap but I don't want way to much either.I only want to wrap the top side of the plastics. I have read on some wrap sites that it takes 40 square feet to do a bike but I feel like that's a...
  6. Raptor 660 Modifications
    I just bought an 03 raptor 660 from a guy on marketplace. Its a basket case, as in the parts were all in a basket lol. Slowly been putting the motor back. Not my first motor, have built tons and tons of two strokes, kinda new to the four stroke scene. The motor went back together perfectly until...
  7. General 660 Discussion
    Hello guys am new there, I just buy a raptor 660r 2004 (my first “real” quad) and when am at high speed there are a spring noise .. something like that from the front engine . idk it that normal, can someone help me pls. In the video you can hear, it just need to raise the sound a bit video...
  8. Raptor 660 Maintenance
    my Yamaha Raptor 660 won’t start up, it sounds like it wants to and then makes popping noises and dies, also the battery clicks and smells like as if something was burning, what should I do? Could it be the solenoid or starter? Maybe the battery but I don’t have a voltage meter to test it
  9. General 660 Discussion
    I need help figuring what these wires do(cant really consult the manual since it isn't my expertise and I cant find it my language to give directly to my father). Any help is appreciated.
  10. General 660 Discussion
    I got a 2005 raptor 660 carb spacer full big gun evo r exhaust and rev box what do I need to do to carb to make it run good
  11. Raptor 660 Modifications
    Just got my 2005 Raptor 660 but wanted to upgrade lighting. 1. Are high beam and low beam the same h6m bulb? 2. What bulb are the best ? 3. What bulb is a great bang for buck cost wise?
  12. Raptor 660 Maintenance
    I have a 2004 raptor 660. I was riding the other day and in the middle of my trip out of no where it suddenly died on me. It was full of gas and I also have a new carburetor on it that I’ve been using for about 4 months now with no problems. It will crank over just fine by the starter just will...
  13. General 660 Discussion
    Hi guys am new i hope you guys are doing good, I need help with my Raptor 660 2003 transmission gears the light of Neutral stays on when am in all gear not sure what is it and I have one of the reverse cable jump to the negative batery so it will work better
  14. Raptor 660 Modifications
    I took the spark arrestor out of my 01 raptor 660 and it is running too lean. I was wondering if I should get bigger jets(and what size), or if I could just adjust the carb? Thanks
  15. Raptor 660 Modifications
    I have a stock 03 raptor and looking to upgrade the performance. I never knew about jetting until I read it here on this site a few days ago. My question is do I jet it or add mods first? Seems like riders are recommending the dynojet stage 2. The mods I am looking to get is a K&N filter with no...
  16. General 660 Discussion
    I have a 2002 raptor that I just took the wiring harness off of to fix some burnt up ground wires. put everything back together and now I am not able to crank the quad from the starter button on the handle bar. no clicking from the solenoid. I am able to jump the solenoid and get the quad to...
  17. Raptor 660 Maintenance
    I have a 2001 Raptor 660 with an FMF exhaust. i recently bought it and found out that when i would be going half or more throttle it would sort of just sputter and lose power. Pretty soon after riding it for like 15 minutes maybe less it wouldn't start back up. It would kinda start back up and...
  18. Raptor 660 Maintenance
    My raptor won't idle unless it's a high idle. At regular idle it'll backfire through the exhaust and carburetor and shut off and I'm pretty sure I saw flames come out the exhaust when I was revving it to keep it running. I've cleaned the carbs but I do need a new air filter (currently using...
  19. Raptor 660 Suspension
    I have looked all over the internet. I cannot find any 04-08 YFZ front shocks to save my life. These will be going on my +3in 05 660. Can anybody help a guy out with a referral ?
  20. General 660 Discussion
    Alright guys, this is my first time really wrenching on a bike so please answer with some detail. I bought an 01 raptor 660 a month or so ago, I saw it, loved it and needed it. But man its bin nothing but a headache ever since. The bike needed some love, the previous owner didn't take care of it...
1-20 of 33 Results