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  1. Full ATVs For Sale
    Hello, I decided to sell my XC build. Quad has not been ridden for the last 2 years… Regularly started and hooked up to battery tender during that time. Quad is in excellent condition. See pictures. FRESH rebuild suspension – 2 hours on it. (Rocket Ron) New piston rings – 2 hours on it. 75...
    $12,900 USD
  2. Raptor 700 Modifications
    I am planning a very expensive, crazy Street Legal Raptor 700. The only issue I have came across is hooking up a fuel guage. I have my dash cluster figured out and I know where and how to hook everything up....... except no idea how to get the fuel level out of the tank. Anyone doing this?
  3. Fuel Injection Tuning
    I have a big gun power box on my 2020 700r and looked up the correct tunes for it and put them on it now it wont go past 20 mph. Whenever I'm in first it doesn't accelerate fast at all and its basically the same for the rest of the gears. I push in the throttle and i give it about 25% throttle...
  4. Raptor 700 Modifications
    What is going to happen if I use 5w-40oil in the raptor700
  5. Fuel Map Requests
    What ever map the previous owner put on this Power Commander V is too rich. Right now it is burning some oil, i think rings, but I also noticed sometimes is burns a little black. I put a new spark plug in it, and within 10 minutes of riding, I took it out and looked at it, it was all black. So...
  6. Raptor 700 Modifications
    Hi, My raptor start making noises at low rpm in all gears… * neutral - no noises * at mid and high rpm - no noises * when pressing clutch - noise disappeared * when push the throttle - noise disappeared what could be the problem? Prob
  7. Fuel Injection Tuning
    Hey I have a 2006 raptor 700 se. I just installed a new exhaust on her and she is backfiring on deceleration. Any ideas on how to fix the issues. I installed a rossier r4 pipe.
  8. Raptor 700 Discussion
    So, out riding with some buddies at the dunes, bike ran flawlessly, no issues what so ever. Bike has dual barkers, PCV, and an fci intake. Stop to take a break and go to fire up the quad and it starts to run, shuts off and doesn’t start after that. Pulling code 33 for Ignition coil. Tested...
  9. Raptor 700 Discussion
    I have a 2020 raptor 700 with a high flow air filter a spark arrestor delete with a powercomander it’s been put on the dyno and hasn’t had any trouble till now I rode the bike for 30-45 minutes and once the engine gets hot it shuts off as if u turn the key I investigated and when the problem...
  10. Raptor 700 Modifications
    I got a question so I have a 2009 raptor 700 with a power commander and I just bought a 2021 raptor 700 will it still work or would I have to buy a new one
  11. Raptor 700 Discussion
    Last weekend my kill switch handlebar mount went out. It was worn like crazy and just didn’t click at all. So the starter and fuel pump wouldn’t go. The lights still worked. Everything ran before this happened. I put on the new left handlebar switch now and the dash won’t even light up and the...
  12. Full ATVs For Sale
    Completely brand new rebuilt. Everything from ground up including complete new bottom end and top end. Fox floats MGC houser a-arms Bnr rear shock Gt thunder link Houser swing arm Hess rotor and chain guard Dominator axle Lsr carrier with new bearing Lsr billet axle nut Precision steering...
  13. Raptor 700 Discussion
    hey so I need help I’m trying see what’s wrong with my raptor 700. I was riding it and it stop on me and lock up, the back tires want move at all and it’s stuck in neutral it wouldn’t even go to no other gear or anything it just say neutral but want move and it don’t even move when I hold the...
  14. Raptor 700 Discussion
    Hey , I recently got a Monster slip on for a 2021 Raptor 700R, it ran good for 3 days and then, I try warming it up and then it shuts off 4mins in, And when I’m riding and i downshift and hold clutch it shuts off on me, do I need a new spark plug? It has 80 hours on it
  15. Raptor 700 Discussion
    Hello i have a question about my raptor 700r. I was driving is second gear and shifted up to third gear but when i released my clutch it was like i was in neutral. So i stopped shifted to first gear and when into second gear again i had the same thing as in third gear it was like i was in...
  16. Raptor 700 Discussion
    Hey guys new here but I'm having a problem with the quad cutting out when I make a left turn under load cause when I pull in the clutch it's fine but it also cuts out sometimes when I go start under load in all gears. I changed oil, fuel injecter, air filter, neutral assembly, rewired neutral...
  17. Raptor 700 Modifications
    Got a 2021 raptor 700 lookin to through on an after market exhaust. Just wondering if i do that do i also need to upgrade the air intake or can that come at a later time i know with the intake you also have to tune the bike. Might be a really dumb question new to the game so please take it easy lol.
  18. Raptor 700 Suspension
    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I bought a used 2007 Raptor 700 with ASR extended A-arms, I'm in the process of rebuilding the Raptor. It's been like 6 months since I took it apart, now that I'm putting it back together I noticed that the lower A-arms doesn't have an inner metal sleeve, just the...
  19. Raptor 700 Modifications
    Hi guys, I saw a video recently where this CarbonElement guy talks about why he removed his parking brake from his Raptor because "if you keep it on you have to adjust it almost every week" in his words, and in my opinion it also looks kind of ugly on the handlebars. My problem is that I don't...
  20. Raptor 700 Modifications
    Hey everyone, my new seat cover just arrived and I’m very eager to get it installed. And I just want to make sure I’m installing it properly. Because I see conflicting info, some people install it over their old cover. Some people remove the old cover and use fabric glue on the new cover and the...
1-20 of 33 Results