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  1. Raptor 90, 80 and 50
    Hello I have an 06 Raptor 80 with starting issues. I have bought a new carburetor a new spark plug and nothing. Then I noticed o e of the 2 screws holding the choke missing and only tried looking inside the carburetor to see if it was logged in there. After reading some comments I found out...
  2. Raptor 90, 80 and 50
    Swapped to a PWK 21 Carb…. i need a little help, I kinda dug myself a hole. It’s a 2007 Raptor 80cc New -Top End & Jug -Ported Intake tube, (from 19mm to 23mm) -Ported and Polished exhaust side -New valves, (reseated) -PWK 21mm carb, ( stock is 17mm) -Gutted Exhaust -POD air filter the bike...
1-2 of 2 Results