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  1. How do I know if stock front suspension is going bad?

    Raptor 660 Suspension
    Just picked up a low hours, bone stock 02 660r. Literally the only aftermarket part is a set of nerf bars. My only concern is the front suspension. I don't know a whole lot about suspension or how it should behave, but I'll try my best to explain. When I pull the front wheels off the ground...
  2. What best are good a arms for the raptor 660 2001?

    Raptor 660 Suspension
    I just got a raptor 660 a month ago and i got some fox float 3 and a new tusk rear axle for it and just need a good pair of a arms. The alba a arms are sold out so any other companys worth buying from? I also got alot of other parts for my raptor: K&N air filter Trailtech tachometer Steering...