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  1. Raptor 700 Suspension
    I was trying to find a good deal on OEM shock with adjustments to install them instead of my stock pogos and found that there are a lot of different original numbers for different years. So I scrapped them to get a better understanding of what to look for. It was interesting data for me, so I...
  2. Raptor 700 Suspension
    Hi! I currently drive my Raptor 700 onroad. It is fitted with loads of mods for street use including street tires and short Elka shocks. I want to raise the quad A BIT for more comfort and a little more ground clearance. I was thinking of the expensive Fox floats. But i am worried to get a...
  3. Raptor 700 Suspension
    Hello guys, I want to know If I can take out some height of rubber bumper in the bottom of the front shocks, to have a little more shock travel without bottoming out. I was thinking I can take out 1/2 inch height of the rubber bumpers. Its very risky to damage the shock absorber if it bottom out...
1-3 of 3 Results