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  1. General 660 Discussion
    Picked up a 03 660 raptor but if doesn’t seem to spark right it randomly sparks and the motor starts for a second the it loses spark I took the plug out and when cranking over only sparks sometimes has a new cdi box don’t want to buy more parts without some advice first
  2. Raptor 350 Discussion
    Just picked this up last week with a no start condition. Guy said he took to a shop and they tested everything and claimed it was the CDI. I bought a test dummy off Amazon before going all in on a 150 and up unit. It worked for a day. Next day no speak again. Only thing I did was left the gas on...
  3. Raptor 660 Maintenance
    I recently stripped my spark plug while taking it out on my 2005 raptor 660, I was wondering what kit I would use to rethread it or replace the threads, 12mm? 10mm? Any suggestions?
  4. General 660 Discussion
    Finally figured out what’s wrong with my raptor it was the boot for the spark plug. Always check out your boot if your not getting spark . I’ve had a lot of problems with ordering parts. Someone showed me a video about how to check out the ohms between the plug and the spark plug wire.
  5. Raptor 700 Modifications
    I am using megasquirt ECU in raptor700 engine for a racing car but I have a problem with the ignition and coils can u help ?? at least with the trigger wheel setting
1-6 of 6 Results