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  1. Raptor 700 Modifications
    Hey guys new to the forum and fairly new to the Raptor life with summer creeping on us here in Vegas most of my rides are going to be at night and I want to upgrade my current set up to something a little better. I’m looking to run a set of ridge pods with a amp draw of 3.14 per pod and a max...
  2. General 660 Discussion
    Hello, I’ve just found out about this forum, I’ve been reading a lot of issues people have and noticed alot of you step in and help them out, is there any way yall can help me out with mines? I’ve been looking for re-wiring videos step by step on YouTube and can’t find anything, I bought my...
  3. General 660 Discussion
    I have a 03 Raptor 660 with a new 05 that I just put in. Tried re-wiring it compleatly but somehow I can’t get it to run. Also, if I jumó the relay it’ll turn over, but with the key switch and start button nothing. The ignition coil has 2 wires that connects to it. I know that the Orange wires...
1-3 of 3 Results