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  1. General 660 Discussion
    Please help!!! Nothing happens when you hit the start button. Last time I worked on it, it started died and stopped turning on not click or anything. when I put a screwdriver on the two bolts on the relay it turns over once or twice very slowly then the black wire got really hot and started...
  2. General 660 Discussion
    Hello, I was wondering if anyone on here could help me with the process of installing the crank on 03 raptor 660r. I was looking for the puller tool but it says they don't work on the 660. If anyone has any info it would be much appreciated. Thank you
  3. General 660 Discussion
    Not sure who saw my last post but completely went through the carb. Double checked spark and motor still not catching. Bump started. Fired but died just as fast. Ami looking at the crank shaft now?? Did a compression test and absolutely nothing. Is the new one way bearing bad?? I could use...
  4. Raptor 660 Maintenance
    I picked up an 03 660. Starter was bad and CDI box was ripped out.(tree branch was still there). I replaced the starter and still nothing. Now I have went all through it. New box, rectifier, ignition coil, spark plug, kill switch, battery, solenoid and stator. Still didn’t start so replaced the...
  5. General 660 Discussion
    I have the yfz 450 calipers, the plates are good, I have liquid, the lever works, I vented.But it doesn't slow down at all. Any advice?
  6. Raptor 660 Maintenance
    I have a 2001 Raptor 660 with an FMF exhaust. i recently bought it and found out that when i would be going half or more throttle it would sort of just sputter and lose power. Pretty soon after riding it for like 15 minutes maybe less it wouldn't start back up. It would kinda start back up and...
  7. gsm011

    on a hill in terneuzen (netherlands)
  8. my 660

    yamaha raptor 660 special edition 2004
1-8 of 8 Results