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  1. Raptor 90, 80 and 50
    Hi to everyone I'm just new on the forum I'm having difficulties to get perfect idle on my daughter's raptor after cleaning and rebuild the carb due to gas clogged Wonder if someone knows the factory settings for this type of carbs thanks in advance...
  2. Raptor 90, 80 and 50
    has anyone put a bigger carb on there 90, if so was there a difference.
  3. Raptor 90, 80 and 50
    Anyone have luck finding a CDI box for the 2013 Raptor 90? Everything I see is for up to 2012...cant imagine there is much difference but then again....
  4. Raptor 90, 80 and 50
    Anyone know if the new raptor 90's have removable speed collars in the cvt's? Can't find any info or video on this and would prefer not to tear into it if it doesn't have one.
  5. Raptor 90, 80 and 50
    When I ride my raptor 90 I can hear a slight clicking sound and it struggles to shift up and down and I also want to know if you can kickstart the raptor and then take the transmition cover off while its running as i dont have a battery for it anymore? Can anyone help me?
  6. Raptor 90, 80 and 50
    Hey y’all. I’m new to the forum but my daughter is 8 years old and she has been racing for 2 years now. At the end of last season I bought her a 2020 raptor 90. I quickly figured out the limits of aftermarket upgrades for this quad. After some money and a thrifty mechanic we got a port and...
1-6 of 6 Results