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  1. Raptor 700 Discussion
    What's up guys - I have an 2006 700r that I am looking to widen out to 50". I have a +3 5/8" to +5 5/8" over stock width Tusk axle ready to go. I would like to do a long-travel suspension build. Are there LT a-arms and shocks from YFZ450 s that will work? I know the carb model a-arms bolt...
  2. YFZ 450
    I have 2006 Yfz450 that won't start, even when trying to bump start the tires lock up. But the engine turns over perfectly by hand. However, when trying to use electric start I heard a clicking noise coming from the starting solenoid. I checked if there's power reaching the starter and then took...
  3. YFZ 450
    so i got a 450 and i was wondering what would be a reliable jet kit that won't give me any problems i just want a little more kick out of the bike but i don't wanna get a kit and have idling issues or it bogs down i live in california and the elevation is 161 about sea level what do u guys...
1-3 of 3 Results