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so i replaced the piston this winter with a wisco 11:1 101mm
i have took it out broke her in...took it out 3 other times and rode for a little while ran great no problems

and then i had an oil leak.. a couple head cover bolts were stripped out
so i removed the headcover without putting the engine at tdc and the chain tensoner still in.
i left the cam in while i fixed the 2 striped out bolt holes
then if i remember right i believe i took out the chain tensioner so there was releif off the can when i put the head cover back on.
got it all back together striped bolts fixed no oil leaks...but know it has a
ticking light knocking sound coming from the top of the engine..
doesnt like to idle almost like it has a miss to it..and with a quick jab of the throttle she doesnt seem to happy not runing right for sure

what did i do bend a valve?
from being an idiot and not taking the head cover off right
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