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04 raptor running rich

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I have a 04 raptor that is bone stock. It seems to be running realy rich and only ideals for about 15 seconds then stops and sounds like a Harely. You can rev it up and see lots of spoke and it sounds like crap. I have tried all kinds of things. I think I pulled my carbs off about 40 times already tryed to adjust everything. I have adjusted my air/fuel mixture screws in all deffrent positions, even all the way in and same thing.I noticed the reverse light comeing on when trying to start this bike and never noticed this light before. I have also adjusted my floats and same thing but have not used the clear tube methed yet but will today. The bike gets great fire and has new gas. The bike also only has about 30 hours on it. Again this bike is BONE STOCK even factory tires.
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Well since you didn't mention it, I have to. Have you checked your parking brake adjustment and reverse sensor connection?
the parking brake sensor was the main problem after I f#$ked up all the other stuff I found that the sensor was loose so I fixed it and it ran a little better. I didn't check for the reverse sensor but, even if it was the reverse sensor would that efect the bike to ideal like crap?
Well I bypassed the reverse snsor last night and I still got the same dam problem. Someone please help :mad:
Can someone help me? I searched the forum and seen no problems like the one I got.
Well I did all I can do. I adjusted the floats at 13mm and did the clear tube methed and still the samething and also played with the mixture screws and nothing. I'am getting good at takeing these carbs off and on it only takes me about 30 seconds. It seems that it has to be some kind of electrical problem because no matter what I do to the thing it acts the same way every adjustment I do. What problems will a bad CDI cause? :help:
you've adjusted it every which way, but no mention of cleaning.
choke functioning?
good call firstraptor.....unscrew the plastic black choke deal going into the side of the left carb and see if it all comes out in one piece....if not, pull out the pin and spring and clean her up.

I cleaned the choke 4 times and it slides in and out with no problem. I had a choke stick before and this is way different problem then that. I got my floats adjusted perfect and I even moved the clip on the #1 position on the needles and still got the same problem. Every adjusrment I do the bike has no change in sound or ideal. I'am thinking it is a electrical problem. :help:
You should get your valves checked, both intake and exhaust.
I adjusted them after 10 hours and the bike only has about 30 on it
you didn't mention anything about your air filter. mine was over oiled once and caused all kinds of hicups before i figured out that i had too much oil on the filter. try taking the lid off and see if it clears up a little just may need more air.
I tryed that also and it still runs like crap. :3question:
if its electrical then all rpm ranges will be effected......sounds like electrical to me if you've done everything related to fuel.....good luck

It's gota be a electrical problem where do I start. I can't find anything on the net. I look threw the post on rapter tranny.com and seen no help Man this sucks :(
so basically you're running too much fuel and you don't have either the air or the spark to ignite it.......check your boots again between the carb and the intake side of the engine. Replace your spark plug with a new ngk. Ensure your parking brake sensor is disconnected and plugged (electrical tape)...ensure your green/white reverse wire is grounded to a GOOD ground....aka....engine block. If still nothing, disassemble your carbs and clean them thoroughly. Next would be your cdi.......good luck. These are just a few things i would personally do, it doesn't mean its totally correct and will fix the problem. good luck again,

I will go to the shop and get a new plug Friday and try it out. I will go ahead and try these things I will keep yall posted thanks for the replys. :(
mine is doing the exact same thing... i found a few bare wires coming out of the cdi box and taped em up.. thought i had it but i found out it wasnt it... let me know what information you get and ill tell you wats goin on with mine... to me it sounds like the exact same problem... idles great but once you give it gas it spitts and sputters
Mine don't ideal very good it sounds like a harley and only ideals for about 30 seconds then dies because of being flooded. I checked the floats and I turned the screws in alot to lean it out and I ran it with no lid or filter and it still runs rich. I can see a hase of smoke coming out the pipe. The bike is all stock no change to the jets. I got a guy that is a yamaha machanic that is coming over once I get the $$$$.
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