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Just a little how-to on the switch wiring. Im a steamfitter by trade, not an electrician, so the wiring schematic in my manual took me a while to figure out. I’m just posting this to help future DIYers with replacing the stock switch.
I read a post about the 06 raptor wiring which was totally different as well, so here’s an update :
There is a red wire that feeds power to the cluster. There is a yellow with red stripe that Ys off of it and also feeds the cluster. The low beams are powered through the blue wire. The high beams are activated by leaving the blue wire energized and then also energizing the yellow wire which switches the relay, hence the two power wires entering the cluster.

This was confusing to me because I bought a simple three position switch to replace the off-low-high and it didn’t work. You’d need two on-off switches to do it. One to control low beam power and one to control the high beam relay, which really is not the common SPST, but a SPDT.
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