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I know there are a lot of guys from this forum waiting on shipments for the Tech piston. I should be able to fill a small portion of these backorders this week.

Take your order date and use this info to get your ETA

Orders placed March 8-12 will ship in the next batch coming in hopefully this week

Orders March 13-24 orders will ship approximately 1 week after

March 25- current date will be approximately 2 weeks.

These are all estimates. I have ordered enough pistons to where in 2 weeks I should never run out of these again. I am very sorry this happened in the first place but please keep in mind these tech pistons are made for TQS only so they can be hard to get a hold of. To make up for it all guys who are currently waiting on the backorder will receive a free set of ODI grips.

These dates are all estimates. They could very well come in much earlier but most likely not later than the dates listed.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts