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Well first off the 20'' HD rears are incredible. Even in the nastiest, deepest stuff I've ever put the bike in or near it tore right out of. Places that use to be off limits aren't any longer, right through it! The GNCC fronts worked very well steering through everything and they picked up ONLY 1 big mesquite tree thorn that will let air out so I shoved it back in and I dont dodge them so went through alot....

The 12:1/stage 1 HC well....wow. Had them installed and got a quick ride in on the street after the install and it felt great. The dyno numbers went from 52.6rwhp to 61.7rwhp but my torque went up over 15ft lb's but forgot the #. It pulls wheels in 4th with no pull or weight transfer what so ever and 5th will do the same. With the HD rears the trails were alot different and had to make alot of adjustments due to teh power/traction less wheelspin just ended up in no steering.(Front end straight up lol..) The bottom end gain was great and the biggest improvement to compliment the huge mid-top end.

The now built 518CC stroker suzuki LTR450 is now 8-10 lengths back on the street all the way to 101mph 8)...yes 101 mph both on GPS and next to my buddys mach 1. The 14tooth felt much better then stock and the 15tooth was great on the street(big top end) but on the trails the 14 is perfect(95mph). On my 12 tooth before I decided with the added power it was useless it was no contest until 78mph where he jumped past me.

Great mod and I suggest anybody on the stock internals to try and spend the cash on an 11:1 686 or the 12:1 it's well worth it. I just suggest a little longer swingarm which is next mod for this bike.
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