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Hi Guys

firstly id like to introduce myself, my names jeff and im a raptor newbie. Having just purchased a raptor 660, Not sure but i think i may have been stung with a possibly problematic quad. so when it came i warmed it up etc to check the oil however there was never no oil on the dipstick so i decided to do a oil and filter change. Firstly i cracked the drain bolt on the tank whilst quad was cold however not a drop came out. Then i opened the main engine drain bolt and too much oil came out of there, drained the whole thing changed the filter and put about 1.8 litres in to the oil tank, however the oil tank doesnt seem to go down and is brim to the top, i have started it but it still wont go down, as soon as i loosen the dipsdtick the oil is right at the top any ideas please?

the main reason i decided to start changing the oil is due to it being overfilled initially as i kept finding a puddle of oil in the air box.

apologies for the lack of knowledge on these i am a complete newbie.

any advice is greatly apreciated.


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