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2004 660r Carb issue and frame/alignment.

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Attached some pictures of the quad where i believe the frame is slightly bent/crooked.

as far as the carb. Took it out this weekend ran fine. Did notice that once started the second carb would occasionally dump gas for about 20 seconds then stop. Ran fine for 2-3 hours. Hit creek then slowly started to big down. Seemed flooded a bit after that.
Carb started dumping more. Would start up, pur then bog down.

Debating on doing a frame swap but would like to avoid that as much as possible. Would like to get alignment better any ideas where to start?

As far as the carb issue goes, what would you recommend. Clean and replace jets or get brand new carburetor?
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I imagine the floats are stuck in the carb. I couldn't imagine the frame being that tweaked with no other signs of damage.

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Yeah i recently put the skid plate on that’s how i noticed something wasn’t right with the frame.
Wheels are definitely not aligned.
Almost seems like the raptor is doing a side crunch.

nothing looks wrong with the swing arms but maybe??
The left side looks off to me

Gonna be breaking down the carb soon to clean floats.
I would replace the float valves. The rubber on them gets old and hard. Also, replace the O rings on the tube that supplies fuel to the second carb. Mine was leaking there and it looked like it was coming out of the overflow hole until I looked really close. These are metric O rings, made for fuel. Not ones that you can get at your local hardware store.
Word any recs on a kit or anything off Amazon or an atv site geared toward that carb should work?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts