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Hey everyone. Just purchased a used raptor 80, and it runs poorly. It was not running when I bought it, here's what I've done so far-

The stator was bad, so I replaced it and it started but would not stay running.
It had some old gas in it, so I rebuilt the carburetor(ultrasonic cleaner). Was able to run, but ran very poorly.
Replaced the carburetor with aftermarket replacement-no change in how it ran.
New spark plug
New air filter

It starts, revs up high, then settles a bit. It has no power, just sputters when riding. The spark plug was black with carbon, so I tried adjusting the mixture screw, no change. I took the carb out and leaned it out by raising the clip on the needle jet, no change. Plug still black. I've messed with this carb for a day with different settings and theres no change. Still runs like crap. Any ideas?
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