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2004 Raptor Problems

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im kind of in a tight spot, i got a race in less than a week and i now have a problem with my raptor.

and Hi i am Mike lol. :lol:


Im hoping that someone can help me with this, first off, does anyone know what the "R" light means when its blinking? Ive had this problem for a little wile now.

What is wrong with the quad:
It Takes a wile to clear out on the bottom end. kind of hesitates when you hit the gas. and sometimes it just sounds like a rev limiter. most of the time you can just sit in one spot and put it right to the bat and it will just miss fire like a rev limiter. meaning constantly backfiring and not revving up. then it will go away, then the "R" light blinks. and the light blinking and the quad running crappy doesnt always match. sometimes the light will be blinking and it will be running perfect! then it will run bad and the light wont be blinking and vice versa. Ive worked on my own machine all my life but i am stumped! the previous owner also said he enabled the reverse rev limiter, i dint know why he would want to but I'm thinking that that has something to do with this.

Ive made some repairs but haven't fired it up cuz my starter solenoid went during this. now, i have found a feu problems that may have caused it. the left site intake boot slid off almost all the way! i don't know how i wouldn't have noticed but i didn't. it was dirty so i cleaned the carbs inside and out as well as the boots. the previous owner installed a tether and i found a bad ground for it. i have fixed it. and i also gave it a new spark plug. and after i did these small repairs when i went to fire it up the starter solenoid went. it has been clicking and not working about 1 in 50 times. i just never looked at it. it would only struggle for a bit then fire up. wasn't a problem. but now its done for.

im basically looking for someone to tell me what the "R" blinking means, and hopefully let me know about what i can do to fix the bad in this raptor. and, the thing goes like stink in reverse! :crazy: i would like to hook it back up. does anyone know how that is done.

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R blinking means you are revving the engine to high in neutral I belive.
That clicking may just be that your battery is almost dead too, before you start to replace stuff try charging the battery and see if that helps the clicking.....
To remove the reverse rev limiter, run a search on it and look for threads. Definitely charge the battery, and/or try one from a diff quad if you have one. Have you fired it since repairs (carb clean, intake boot, etc)? What year is your quad? What mods do you have done (exhaust, airbox, etc.)?

Check the parking brake sensor if your quad is not an '05. (Run a thread search "Parking Brake Sensor")

Replace the spark plug.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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