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Hi, desperate need of HELP!

So I've got an electrical conundrum that i can not figure out - was riding the bike when the electrical system died randomly, after a few minutes decided to come back to life and after being parked for a few hours, started up no problem then got about 100 feet and completely died again and i have not been able to get any life out of it since.

I've checked as far as i can think of so far - ~Battery fine, fuse fine, brand new ground cable and clean contact (Good continuity on the bike parts) positive not shorting out anywhere, but i have no 12v at the key and i just can't figure out where it's disappearing to after the fuse, checked the little back box on the left hand side near the rectifier/regulator, no 12v there either but i do have a direct path to ground on the Brown, White with blue strip and red cable that go to the connector there. Also haven't managed to get the rectifier/regulator off as of yet to see if i find anything there as i thought I'd seek some advice before going deeper into the rabbit hole. Also currently have the starter solenoid off for inspection as it was looking a little worse for wear.

But if anyone could give me more insight of possibilities to what to look into would be massively appreciated! Thanks in advance!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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